Clerk of Court - Recording Division

This division is responsible for recording and maintaining the land records and other miscellaneous records for White County. This office also collects the Transfer and Intangible taxes for the Georgia Department of Revenue and other agencies. All records are open for public inspection except for military discharges, juvenile records and adoptions. Recording fees are as follows:
◾LIEN and FIFA $25.00
◾DEED $25.00
◾CANCELLATION $25.00 per instrument being released
◾TRANSFER & ASSIGNMENT $25.00 per instrument being assigned
◾UCC 1 & 3 $25.00
◾UCC 1 w/Assignee $50.00
◾UCC Real Estate $25.00 first page
◾On All UCC Filings - duplicate original document required with appropriate block marked for recording in real estate records

◾PLAT $10.00
◾TRADE NAME $171.00 plus $40.00 publication fee (please make publication check payable to newspaper)
◾MILITARY RECORDS No recording or copying fee
◾PASSPORT $35.00 Application fee payable to Clerk of Superior Court plus the following fee payable to US Department of State
◾$110.00 Adult
◾$80.00 Under 16 years
◾Passport card $30.00 Adult $15.00 Child
◾Plus $60.00 Expedite and one $16.48 overnight stamp

◾COPIES OF RECORDED DOCUMENTS 50¢ per page unassisted
◾$1.00 per page court assisted
◾$2.50 certified copy plus 50¢ per additional page

How do I obtain a copy of my deed or plat?

The Clerk of Court is the recorder and custodian of all the land records in White County. See cost schedule for appropriate fee. Copies may be obtained in person or by mail but most have location identifying information for retrieval, such as book and page number or name and date of recording. Cost must be paid up front and, if request is by mail, a self addressed stamped envelope must be provided.

How do I transfer property out of my name or add someone to my deed?

All property transfers require preparation of a new deed. We strongly recommend you consult an attorney to aid you. All deeds must be notarized and witnessed properly. This office does not provide any forms, and all transfers must be accompanied by a PT-61 form. The PT-61 is a e-filing and must be completed on the website and a copy presented with the transfer. All deeds and real estate instruments require a blank 3’’ top margin for recording purposes. If your deed does not meet this requirement, a cover sheet can be obtained by clicking here (link here).

How do I become a notary?

The online application can be obtained by logging on to Once completed and witnessed, bring the application to the Clerk of Court for the notaries oath and certificate. A processing fee of $37.00 is payable by cash or personal check.

How do I obtain a passport?

The online application (DS-11) can be obtained by logging on to or a form is provided at the Clerk of Court’s office. Once completed, bring the application along with a certified birth certificate, 2 passport photos, the appropriate processing fees and proper government picture identification.

How do I obtain a Business License?

Business Licenses are processed through the Board of Commissioners at 706-865-2235.

How do I obtain a Marriage License?

Marriage Licenses are processed through the Probate Court at 706-865-4141.