Clerk of Court - Superior Court Criminal Division

This division is responsible for filing and maintaining all court pleadings presented by the State, defendants, and/or their attorneys.

Criminal cases are initiated in Superior Court once a defendant has been arrested on a criminal warrant or citation and the District Attorney has accused or indicted the defendant, or when a special presentment is made before the Grand Jury.

Probate-Traffic violations are also handled through the Superior Criminal division of the Clerk’s Office. These cases mainly consist of DUI, driving while licenses suspended, and any other violations that may receive jail time upon conviction.

When is my court date?

You will be notified of all court dates by mail. It is important to keep the Clerk’s Office updated with your current mailing address at all times. NO changes may be made over the phone. They must all be submitted in writing.

My case has been completed. The surety posted a cash bond. When can the surety expect the money back?

Once a court order releasing the funds is filed, checks are issued by the Clerk of Superior Court at the end of every month and will be mailed at that time.

How long will it take my warrant to be accused or indicted?

Please contact the District Attorney’s office at (706) 865-3306 relating to this matter.