Magistrate Court

Welcome to the Magistrate Court of White County, Georgia. Our goal is to provide a user friendly environment that will help you understand who we are and the role the Magistrate Court plays in the overall judicial system.

The following does not constitute as legal advice. It is only meant to give a general summary of the duties and functions of the Magistrate Court. The following is not an exhaustive list of said responsibilities. For more information please read the Official Code of Georgia Annotated. (see O.C.G.A 15-10-1).

The Magistrate Court also known as the people's court was established so that citizens may resolve cases quickly and effectively with or without legal representation. Each of Georgia's 159 counties must have a Magistrate Court, with one Chief Magistrate to preside over them. In White County, the Chief Magistrate is elected. The other Magistrate Judges are appointed by the Chief Magistrate and confirmed by the Superior Court. The Magistrate Court is unique in that it handles both criminal and civil cases.

Civil Claims

The Magistrate Court handles civil claims in an amount of less than 15,000 dollars. Case types handled include:

  • Small Claims
  • Garnishments
  • Dispossessory
  • Property Foreclosure
  • Abandoned Motor Vehicles

Criminal Cases

The Magistrate Court is also responsible for several criminal cases. Criminal cases in the Magistrate Court do not include juries. Case types include:

  • Warrants
  • Deposit Account Fraud (Bad Checks)

County Ordinance Violations

The White County Magistrate Court is responsible for overseeing ordinance violations. White County ordinance can be found here.

Magistrate Court

Corey Hyde
Chief Magistrate

Phone Numbers

Civil Division: 706-865-2613

Criminal Division: 706-865-6636

Office Hours:

8:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Monday - Friday

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