Magistrate Court FAQ's

Disclaimer: The information featured below does not constitute legal advice. This information is only intended for the explaining of commonly asked questions about processes in the Magistrate Court. It is not exhaustive and is not to be substituted for legal counsel. The Magistrate Court personnel are not authorized to provide legal advice.

Q: How do I get a restraining order to make somebody stay away from me?
A: The Superior and Magistrate Courts provide several options for protective and restraining orders. These restraining order include, family violence, stalking, bond conditions, and good behavior. For more information about the filling process and fees please see our restraining order form.

Q: How do I take somebody to court who owes me money or has taken my property?
A: The Magistrate Court is responsible for criminal and civil cases. Please use our Civil Claims and Criminal Warrants guidelines to find out more information about filling a claim.

Q: How much does it cost me to file a claim in the Magistrate Court?
A: Filing fees differ depending on the claim type. Please review our filing fees document for more information.

Q: Where can I find information on how to collect money on a judgment I've received in the Magistrate Court?
A: Information can be found at the White County Magistrate Court ncourt portal.

Q: How do I file criminal charges on a person who has given me a bad check?
A: Certain procedures and conditions must be met before filing criminal charges. Please visit our deposit account fraud page for more information.

Q: Where can I find information on how to evict a person renting property from me?
A: Certain conditions must be met in order to file a dispossessory action. More information about this can be found on the White County Magistrate Court ncourt FAQ page.

Q: How do I get legal assistance if I can't afford an attorney?
A: Please visit Georgia Legal Aid or the Enotah Judicial Circuit Public Defender for legal aid resources.

Magistrate Court

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