Building Permits

Q: What are the advantages to Building Codes?

A: Each one of us relies on the safety of the structures that surround us in our everyday living. Building codes provide safeguards and even though no code can eliminate all risks, reducing them to an acceptable level provides for a better living environment. Other advantages would include helping to prevent instant slums, establishing a means of property assessments, lower insurance rates, improving state and federal grant applications, and satisfying the requirements of the water conservation act.

Q: When do I need a permit?

A: If you intend to build, enlarge, alter, repair, move, or change a building or structure, and/or to install alter, repair, or replace any part of the electrical, gas, plumbing, or HVAC systems then a permit is required. Other specific items would include but are not limited to manufactured homes, decks, covered porches, storage buildings, pole barns, R.V. roof overs and awnings, etc. Permits are NOT needed for new shingles on a roof, roof repair, house demolition, fences, or free standing retaining walls that are unattached to a house.

Q: What do I need to bring with me when I come for a residential permit?

A: White County requires the following:

*Plat-Copy of an approved plat (meaning stamped by the Planning Department and Environmental Health Department if less than 3 acres) OR recorded plat (meaning a plat that has been recorded by the Clerk of Court and stamped as such). The minimum acreage requirement in White County for a house or mobile home is one acre per dwelling.

You can obtain a copy of the recorded plat from the Clerk of Court in the White County Courthouse, or from the Tax Assessors office located in suite 180 of the Mauney Building which is at 1241 Helen Hwy. Suite 180 Cleveland, GA 30528 (the same building as the Building Department).

*Septic Approval- Obtained through the Environmental Health Department located at 1241 Helen Hwy. Suite 200, 706-348-7698. The Building Department will determine if you need to have septic approval for your particular permit. Even if you are not in need of a septic tank for your proposed permit, there are times when approval is necessary for the placement of the structure you are proposing to build.

*Contractors/Subcontractor Signatures on the Contractor Affidavit- Contractors/subcontractors must be licensed by the State of Georgia and are required to personally sign our Contractor Affidavit, which is in the Building Permit Application Packet. Contractors must also provide a copy of their current State license and valid Driver’s License.

Homeowners can act as their own General Contractor and hire their own subcontractors if they plan to live in the home for at least 2 years. In this case the subcontractors must also be state licensed and sign the Contractor Affidavit. This includes electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and fuel gas contractors.

*Driveway Permits are required for driveways installed on County or State Right of Way

Please contact one of the following departments based on your location:

County Road- call White County Public Works- 675 Truelove Road 706-865-2510

State Road- call Georgia Dept. of Transportation- Albert Reid Road 706-348-4848

Private Road- No permit required

* Plans/Drawings- Do not have to be Architectural/Engineered drawing but they do need to show the following details:

*Foundation Detail

*Dimensions of house

* Elevation of house from front or side

*Floor plan of each floor, showing dimensions, including the size and location of windows and doors

**We have Example Plans/Drawings on hand in our office for you to go by if you need them.

Required forms in the Permit Application Packet:

* Completed Permit Application

* Completed and Notarized Owner Affidavit Form

* Completed and Notarized Self-Work Affidavit, if you’re acting as your own General Contractor

* Contractor Affidavit completed and notarized by all subcontractors

* Copy of all Contractors current State License and valid Driver’s License

*Copy of Contractor’s Business License if their business is in White County

Residential Building Permit Application

Inspection List

All the forms in the packet must be filled out completely and turned in with the above required documents to be considered a complete submittal.

A complete submittal is required before the Building Permit & Inspection Office can accept any paperwork for any type of permit. We have Notary Public’s in the Building Department who can notarize your signature if you want to sign your forms in front of one of them.

Q: Who do I contact to ask questions about manufactured homes?

A: White County Building Permit & Inspection Office 706-865-6496. Please read the following.

General White County Information: Minimum acreage requirement in White County is one acre per dwelling. There is no age limit in White County regarding moving mobile homes into the county. There are no “conformity” requirements regarding the outside appearance of a used mobile home. A road permit to transport a mobile home is not required by White County, but a Mobile Home Permit is required to place/set-up a mobile home in White County.

There is a $500 inspection fee for any used mobile home coming into the county from outside of White County. This is to make sure the home is up to livable standards and required codes before entering White County. The Building Inspector has the right to decide if a home is currently located outside of reasonable traveling distance from White County. Other arrangements may be pursued by the applicant as to where a feasible inspection location would be to bring the home closer to White County for the inspection before taking it to its final lot location. Please call the Building Inspectors for more information at 706-865-6496.

A Mobile Home Permit application packet can be obtained at the Building Permit and Inspection Office.

The following requirements are needed to apply for a Mobile Home Permit:

*Septic Tank Permit

*Approved/Recorded Plat

*Driveway Permit

*Completed Permit Application

*Owner Affidavit

*Title or Bill of Sale

*Installers Certification License (Deliver & Set-up Contractor)

*Used Mobile Homes require a copy of last year’s taxes paid if it is from White County

Mobile Home Permit Application

For a Mobile Home, there are 2 inspections needed.

1st= Set-Up Inspection

This inspection will be conducted after the footing has been poured, ties downs installed, HVAC ductwork installed, septic/plumbing tie-in completed, electrical service installed and ready for power, however no skirting can be installed. No permanent electric service until final inspection is completed.

2nd- Final Inspection

This inspection will be conducted after all final grading work is complete, all decks/porches installed and structure is ready to move into. Permanent electrical service will be given upon passing final inspection.

A Certificate of Occupancy will only be issued after the final inspection has been approved, and only at that time is the structure to be occupied.

Q: What is the procedure for obtaining a Commercial permit?

A: Contact the Planning Department at 706-865-6768 for a pre-application meeting. A plat of the property is needed for this meeting.

Commercial Building Permit Application

Q: What building types require stamped drawings?

A: Georgia law requires architect or engineer stamped drawings on all group A (Assembly), group E (Education), and on all commercial buildings 5,000 square feet or more in area.

Q: How are E-911 Addresses assigned?

A: A valid building or mobile home permit is required for the issuance of an address. Vacant property is not addressed within White County. Because addresses are assigned based on house location, the County requires that the driveway be staked out or cut in, and house location be staked out prior to the issuance of an address. White County does not address lots with only storage buildings, pole shed, or campers on them. The general time frame of address issuance is within 2 weeks of your building permit being issued to you. A form stating your new address will be mailed after it has been assigned. If you do not have your house appropriately staked out, the issuance of your address could be delayed.

Q: Can I build a Tiny Home?

A: Yes, however, the structure must comply with all current residential building codes, and pass all inspections so that a Certificate of Occupancy is obtainable at the end of the building and inspection process. At this time, there is no minimum square footage requirement in White County, although this may change in the future. If you have further questions please call the Building Department at 706-865-6496.


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