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The White County GIS Team provide mapping information and services for various county departments. The data collected by the staff include:

  • Water and Sewer Lines
  • Watersheds and Tables
  • County Roads
  • Property Lines
  • Topographical Information

This information is displayed below in the following maps. To request a printed copy of a map, please call the White County GIS Department at 706-865-6768.

Elementary School Districts
The White County Elementary School Map contains boundary line information on the 4 elementary school districts in White County along with major highways and cities for reference.
3,219.51 KB
Prepared: October 18, 2019
Commission District Map
The White County Commission District Map contains boundary line information on the 4 districts in White County along with major highways and cities for reference.
2,908.84 KB
Prepared: September 30, 2014
Commssioner District Map with Commssioners
This map contains boundary line information on the 4 districts in White County along with the appropriate county commissioner. Major highways and cities are marked for reference.
5,493.04 KB
Prepared: March 25, 2013
White County Zoning
The White County Zoning Map has information on the various land use types and restrictions. Information about a particular area's zoning type can be found within this map. Cities are shown only for reference.
2,170.51 KB
Prepared: April 1, 2015
Updated: June 4, 2019
County Road Map
This document contains information on White County roads, private roads, city roads, state roads, U.S. highways, and Forest Service roads.The roads are displayed along with their appropriate construction type.
2,440.39 KB
Prepared: November 24, 2009
Voting Precinct Map
The White County Voting Precinct Map contains information about the 11 voting precincts within the county along with their appropriate polling center.
3,094.60 KB
Prepared: April 29, 2010
Mountain Protection Map
The Mountain Protection Map contains information about an area's Mountain Protection Status and degree of slopes
5,259.30 KB
Prepared: December 1, 2005
River Corridor Protection
River Corridor Protection in White County.
4,933.36 KB
Prepared: May 4, 2007
Environmental Planning Criteria Wetlands
Environmental Planning Criteria Map containing Wetlands for White County, Georgia.
4,977.79 KB
Prepared: May 4, 2007
Circular Area Profile
Circular Area Profile for White County, Georgia. This map contains information about the populations of White County and the surrounding area.
1,308.71 KB
Prepared: July 10, 2007
Cleveland By-Pass Map
Proposed area and distance for the Cleveland By-Pass.
1,824.00 KB
Prepared: July 13, 2007
Groundwater Recharge Areas
Groundwater Recharge Areas for White County, Georgia.
5,058.30 KB
Prepared: January 16, 2006
Trout Stream Watersheds
Trout Stream Watershed for White County, Georgia.
1,725.22 KB
Prepared: February 23, 2007
Turner Creek Watershed
Turner Creek Watershed information for White County, Georgia.
946.31 KB

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