Planning Department

Most activities for the Planning Department start with a pre-application meeting with the staff. At the pre-application meeting, the staff helps the applicant understand the process and what is necessary to successfully complete an application. Call the Planning Department at 706-865-6768 to set up a pre-application meeting.

  • Land Use (Zoning)
  • Land Disturbance (Clearing, Grubbing, or Grading) Both Commercial and Residential
  • Site Development (Commercial)
  • Subdivisions (Residential and Commercial)
  • R.V. Parks
  • Rental Cabin Development
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Building in Mountain Protected areas
  • Building in areas of Groundwater Recharge, Water
  • Supply Watershed, Protected River Corridor, and Wetlands

    Land Use

    The Planning Department is also responsible for the regulation of land use and zoning issues. Responsibilities include ensuring that proposed land uses match the zoning district, processing change of land use requests, and preparing agenda items for the Planning Commission for land use public hearings and recommendations. For more information on land use rules and regulations, please view the following document:

    Appendix C

    Subdivision Regulations

    The Planning Department is also responsible for the regulation of land and development in subdivisions. Responsibilities include requirements for various components of subdivisions such as streets, plat and block sizes, and utilities. For more information on subdivision rules and regulations, please view the following documents:

    Subdivision & Land Development Regulations

    Minor Subdivision & Land Development Regulations

    Comprehensive Plan

    A comprehensive plan functions as a standard to measure and evaluating all significant future development proposals. The plan is intended to provide the essential background and perspective for decision-making in respect to zoning, land subdivisions, public investments, and capital improvement programs. The comprehensive plan also provides guidance to businessmen, investors and developers regarding the development policies and the future direction and intensity of growth. The current White County Comprehensive Plan can be found below.

    White County Comprehensive Plan

    Applications & Forms

    The following forms serve various purposes in requesting permits. If your permit's form is not located below, please contact the White County Planning Department for assistance.

    Land Disturbance

    Any project where the land disturbance is greater than 1 acre or within 200 feet of state waters, requires an erosion control plan that is drawn by a state licensed engineer. Any land disturbance project that is less than 1 acre or zoned Agricultural will have to sign an exemption form. Call the Planning Department at 706-865-6768 before undertaking land disturbance activities.
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    Tree Cutting Application

    This application applies to any cutting of trees eight inches, or greater, in diameter as part of the ongoing maintenance of property in a Mountain and Hillside Protection area- which does not require a land disturbing permit or building permit. Contact the Planning Department to set up a pre-application meeting at 706-865-6768.
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    Sign Application

    Applicants must use this form when constructed and erecting a sign on a piece of property. Applicants must attach drawings of boundary survey or tax plat of the proposed sign location.
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    Variance Form

    When presented under extenuating circumstances certain codes and ordinances may be deferred in a ruling. This form is used to signify such a circumstance and apply for a deviation in zoning ruling.
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