Cindy King, RN
County Nurse Manager

Stacy Pollard
County Office Manager, Systems

1331 Helen Hwy
Cleveland, GA 30528

(706) 865-2191
Fax (706) 865-7745





White County Health Department

General Clinic

  • Lab tests with physician’s
  • order (8a.m.-11a.m. with appointment)

  • Therapeutic injections with physician’s order
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Hearing & Vision screenings
  • TST (TB Skin test)
  • Pregnancy Test
  • Rash Check
  • Call for Appointment and Fees for Services


  • All school required immunizations for Infant, Child, Adolescent
  • Adult immunizations
  • Conduct State Required Day Care and
  • School Immunization Audits

    Call for Appointment and Fees for Services

    Child / Adolescent Health

  • Well-child health checks
  • Metabolic screenings for newborns
  • Referral services to Children’s Medical Services
  • Scoliosis Screening for all 7th and 8th grade students
  • Head checks for lice
  • Call for Appointment and Fees for Services

    WIC Program

  • A supplemental food program for pregnant or breastfeeding Women, Infants and Children up to age 5 who are at nutritional risk and meet income guidelines
  • Nutritional counseling, breastfeeding education and support groups for breastfeeding are available
  • Infectious Diseases

  • Testing and Treatment for Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • HIV/AIDS testing, counseling, education and referrals
  • TB testing, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up
  • Call for Appointment and Fees for Services


  • Presumptive Medicaid for pregnant women who are income eligible
  • Pregnancy Assessment and Referral
  • Women’S / Teen Health

  • Physical exams may include:
  • *Pap Smear

    *Clinical Breast Exam


    *STD/HIV Testing


  • Treatment Of:
  • *STD’s

    *Vaginal Infections

  • Provide and counsel on contraception
  • Promote Abstinence Education
  • BT&M
  • *Breast test and More program providing physical exams, including breast exam, pap smear, and mammography to women age 50 to 64 who are uninsured and income eligible (60% or less poverty level)

    *Medical follow up for abnormal pap

  • BCCP ( Breast, Cervical Cancer Program)
  • *Medical assistance for detection and treatment.

    * Medicaid enrollment for women up to age 65 with breast or cervical cancer.

    Call for Appointment and Fees for Services