Mapping and GIS

The White County GIS Team provide mapping information and services for various county departments. The data collected by the staff include:

  • Water and Sewer Lines
  • Watersheds and Tables
  • County Roads
  • Property Lines
  • Topographical Information

This data is utilized for voting districts, planing and zoning, property assessment, and 911 addressing. Mapping is completed using GIS or geographic information systems which allows staff to capture accurate information and display it in multiple formats/layers. Maps created by with GIS technology can display roads, parcel numbers, aerial photography, more.

Parcel Maps and Information

Assessment information and parcel maps are hosted by qPublic. Parcel information can be searched via the owner's name or property address. Maps accessed on qPublic include property lines, aerial photos, and streams. Parcel maps can also be printed with any of the options listed above.

911 Address

White County assigns addresses to properties based on a 5.28 ft interval, measured to the driveway or ingress of a property. The 5.28 standard allows for 1,000 addresses per mile. Odd numbers are located on the left side, and even numbers on the right.

Obtaining an Address

To obtain an E911 address, a property owner must have obtained a White County Building Permit, and maintain a cut driveway. Once these criteria have been met, a team will field verify the information and assign it to our official database. The address holder will receive a written confirmation of the address verification in the mail.

In order to complete the address process, please complete the following steps:

1.Contact your local Post Office for complete mailing address. Do not use this address for
your mailing address until you verify it with the local Post Office.
2.Post your address with 4” reflective letters at the road and on your residence. Failure to
post and maintain appropriate address signage may result in delayed emergency response by Police, Fire, and EMS crews.
3.Notify your local telephone company of your new address and all pertinent utility
companies (gas, water, cable, electric, etc.)

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