Public Works

Our goal is to improve our present road infrastructure by paving as many gravel roads as possible without compromise to keeping the paved roads in good repair as well.The White County Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance and development of county roads. Please call our office to report hazardous road conditions or obstructions.


Q: What should I contact the Road Department about?
A: It is our responsibility to maintain the “county maintained” roads and right-of-ways thereof. Routinely you’ll find us mowing right-of-way, grading and ditching gravel roads, placing gravel on unpaved roads as needed, clearing stopped up culverts, installing or replacing culverts to solve drainage problems, patching damaged portions of paved roads, replacing missing traffic and road name signs, making repairs to bridges, removing trash from right-of-ways, removing fallen trees, and preparing unpaved roads for paving. Our jobs are too many to mention them all. If you have a question regarding something you think may be our responsibility, please call us. The general public is our “eyes” and “ears”. Please don’t hesitate to call and let us know your concerns. It is quite possible we’ve not received a report for a particular problem and you are the only one who knows that the problem exists.

Q: When do road crews work?
A: Road Crews Work 7:30AM-4:00PM, Mon-Fri

Q: Who should I contact if i have a "Road Emergency?"
A: If you have a “road emergency” after our regular operating hours that threatens the safety of lives or property, you should call 706-865-0911 and tell the dispatcher the nature of the emergency so she or he can notify Road Dept. “on-call” personnel immediately. For non-emergency problems, you may leave a message on our answer machine for us to retrieve the next morning.

Q: Can I Ask Question to the road crews?
A: For your safety and the safety and welfare of the Road Crews, please do not stop them while they are working to question them about anything they are doing, not doing or problems you wish to discuss. This could be dangerous since they need to keep their attention focused on the equipment they are running and the jobs they are performing. Call us at the Road Dept. to ask any questions and we’ll get you the answers and attention you need immediately.

Q: What about State Highways?
A: If you have a question regarding a State Highway you should call the local Ga. Department of Transportation at 706-348-4848.

Contact Us

Dave Cangemi
Public Works

Physical Address:
675 Truelove Rd.
Cleveland, GA 30528

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 495
Cleveland, GA 30528

Phone: 706-865-2510
Fax: 706-348-6702

Office Hours:
7:30AM-4:00PM, Mon-Fri

On-Call Emergency Contact:

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