Soil Conservation Service

Helping people help the land.
The NRCS mission covers three major areas:
◾Soil and Water Conservation
◾Natural Resource Survey
◾Rural Community Protection and Development.

1.Provide assistance to complete Resource Management Plans
2.Pond Evaluations
3.Soil Maps For Tax Office
4.Erosion and Soil Control Plans
5.Floodplain Maps
6.News Articles
7.Site Visits for erosion problems
8.Nutrient Management Applied
9.Watershed Dam Inspections
10.General Information
11.EQIP Applications
12.District Reports

1.Onsite assistance to land users in planning and carrying out a conservation program that meets their needs and the needs of their land.
2.Provides assistance to owners and operators of rural land to install and maintain best management practices to control nonpoint source pollution, thus improving water quality.
3.Basic soil information and interpretations of the potential and present conditions of the land for many uses.
4.Cost – sharing programs
5.Information about alternative land uses and treatment for controlling erosion and reducing sedimentation.
6.Assistance to units of government in inventorying natural resources and planning their wise use.
7.Interpretive information on the potential and limitations of different kinds of soil for various uses to help city and county officials, engineers, land use planners, developers, contractors, builders, water quality planners and others.