Heavy Road Use Tax

Vehicles weighing over 55,000 pounds that see use on public highways must complete a 2290 form before registering. The White County Tax Commissioner's Office can only accept 2290 forms in the following formats:

  • Complete legible copy signed and stamped by the IRS
  • Printed copy if submitted electronically*

*Electronic 2290 forms will contain watermarks with an accompanying date printed diagonally on the form.

Incomplete or Improper Forms

2290 forms cannot contain inconsistencies or misspellings. Failure to do so may result in delayed fillings and registration. The following are common errors:

  • Incorrect Year on Form
  • Stamped Proof of Delivery
  • Misspelled or Incorrect Name
  • Missing or incomplete VIN

Information and Aid

2290 forms are due on June 30th and can be filled on the first of the month. The current and previous versions of 2290 forms can be found here. If you need assistance in filling, the IRS provides several resources. Check the IRS's FAQ or call their toll free help line at 866-699-4096.

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