Insurance Requirements

The State of Georgia requires proof of insurance when registering and renewing a vehicle/tag. The state of Georgia requires all insurance companies to submit insurance policies and proof of insurance electronically to the Georgia Electronic Insurance Compliance System (GEICS). Physical insurance cards are no longer an acceptable form of proof of insurance when renewing or registering a title.

Georgia Driver Insurance Requirements

Georgia drivers must maintain continuous liability insurance on vehicles with active registrations. Georgia motorists can check their current insurance status on a registered vehicle by visiting the Department of Revenue's website. If you find a reporting error, please contact your insurance provider immediately.

Failure to Maintain Insurance

Failure to maintain continuous liability insurance may result in fees and penalties. Acting in accordance with Georgia State Law, the Department of Revenue must impose the following penalties on motorists who fail to comply with insurance requirements:

  • Fine the owner/lessee $25
  • Impose an extra $60 fine if the original fine remains unpaid for 30 days.
  • Suspend or revoke the registration of the vehicle.
  • Refuse to reinstate the vehicle for the following reasons:
    • Uninsured
    • Unresolved Coverage
    • Unpaid Fines

Canceling Insurance

In order to cancel insurance on a vehicle, owners must first cancel the vehicle's registration. The tag registration may be canceled by completing the MV-18J form or by visiting the Georgia Department of Revenue's Eservices Portal. In addition to the form, a photo ID and signature of the registered owner of the the vehicle at the White County Tax Commissioner's Office is also required. It is recommended to cancel insurance and registration on vehicles for the following reasons:

  • Registered in another state
  • Stolen
  • Wrecked or salvaged by an insurance company
  • Long term storage or inoperable
  • Sold or traded

Vehicles without outstanding taxes can be registered again with proper documentation and proof of insurance.

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