Register for Emergency Alerts

Register for Emergency Alerts in White County

White County’s Office of Emergency Management has the ability to notify all White County residents in the event of an emergency through its emergency notification system. This system, combined with other emergency alert methods, is designed to get emergency messages to you the public, quickly and effectively. When activated by officials, this automated system calls home and businesses in the affected area and delivers a recorded message to notify the public about the emergency and what actions they may need to take.

The system will be used for the following types of events:

  • missing person alerts
  • emergency evacuations
  • local security and crime alerts
  • weather emergencies (by registration only)
  • hazardous materials events

All landline telephones serviced by Windstream and AT & T are already in the system, however, cell phone, email and some VOIP phone numbers are not. We offer a registration process that allows you to quickly add your cellular, email and/or VOIP numbers to the system thus ensuring that you receive these notifications.


We maintain a constantly updating database of all land line telephone numbers registered in White County. Feel free to list any additional land line phone numbers; however we are most interested in gathering cell phone numbers and email addresses.
If you have a White County address, please provide it in the Street Address field, in the event of a localized emergency your local address will integrate with the notification systems mapping capabilities.
This information will remain in the custody of the White County Office of Emergency Management at all times, and will only be used for Emergency Notification purposes.
Weather related emergencies will be automatically sent through the system from the National Weather Service Office in Peachtree City. You must select which weather alerts you wish to receive.

Add your cellular or VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone number(s) to the ENS database. When completing this form, please be sure to provide your physical address and actual town; post office boxes are not acceptable.